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Jahorina – Sarajevo: 28 km
Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is the country’s administrative, economic, cultural, education and sport center. The City of Sarajevo is divided into four municipalities: Stari Grad, Centar, Novo Sarajevo and Novi Grad.
Sarajevo is located in the Sarajevo Field, surrounded by the Olympic mountains: Bjelasnica, Igman, Jahorina and Trebevic. The average land elevation of the city is 500 m above sea level.
Most of the Sarajevo’s tourist attractions are located in the Old Town known as Bascarsija spreading towards the city centre easily reachable on foot. 
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Tourist attractions




Jahorina – Mostar:  160 km 

The fascination of Mostar, chief town of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and ancient crossroads of people and civilizations, appears today full of renewed strength, thanks to a constant reconstruction which, from 1995 onwards, has allowed the city to return to its normal life after the heavy bombings of the early 1990s. Due to its geostrategic position, Mostar was grievously damaged during its last rounds of fighting. Slowly, the situation has improved. Nowadays, past and present live together in an urban context which speaks of a complex history, made up of places, people and events that touch anyone who comes to visit this romantic town.The antique historic centre, situated along the sides of the very famous Stari Most (Old Bridge) is a really unique attraction, not to be missed: accompanied by the whirling rustle of the Neretva River, enchanted by the emerald tonalities of its water, visitors can admire the symbols of the old city, the district dating back to the Ottoman era with splendid 16th century mosques, towers, houses and Turkish baths, apart from the numerous small crafts shops of the kujunžije (copper beaters) who enliven the streets with the buzz of their daily activity.The city is characterized by the meeting and by the living together of the four religions present in the area – Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic and Jewish – and this factor explains a great part of its fascination. Mostar is also a jewel set in a luxuriant and uncontaminated nature, a green landscape, sunny and full of flowers, with a Mediterranean climate and long, hot summers. For this reason, too, and not only for its outstanding art, it has always attracted tourists, painters and poets who have visited it, loved it and immortalized it in their works of art. Mostar is a city which one leaves promising to return because, with its unique and original complexity, it is a place which bewitches you with its history and its culture, the result of a meeting between East and West, a mixture of treasures and essences that you can still breathe, wandering through its ancient streets.

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Tourist attractions



Jahorina – Andricgrad: 150 km


Andrictown (Andrićgrad) is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex. It is situated on a peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzav in Visegrad.

Andrićgrad is a project of a famous film director Emir Kusturica, the stone town inspired by the literary works and characters of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric. It’s architecture is a mix of different eras and styles that passed throughout Visegrad history: the Byzantine style, the Ottoman period, the Renaissance, the Classicism.

Some of the main objects of Andrićgrad are: Ivo Andric institute with a centre for Slavic languages, Fine arts Academy, Town hall, renaissance theatre, multiplex cinema, accommodation objects and much more.

It is estimated that Andrićgrad will become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region, together with Mehmed pasa bridge, Drina river boat cruise, and reconstructed narrow gauge tourist railway Visegrad – Mokra Gora.


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